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Adolescent and Young Adult Addiction: The Pathological Relationship to Intoxication and the Interpersonal Neurobiology Underpinnings


by Jon Daily, LCSW, CADC-II

This thought provoking book discusses the struggles that the youth of today are faced with and puts forth that adolescent and young adult addicts are not addicted to marijuana, alcohol, ecstasy, oxycontin, heroin, etc. The name of the drug is an illusion as they are hooked on a pathological “relationship to intoxication.”

How to Help Your Child Become Drug Free


By David Gust, Sheila Walk, and Jon Daily

How to Help Your Child Become Drug Free was written specifically for parents and caregivers by David Gust, Sheila Walker, and Jon Daily. The book brings parents to an understanding that would directly help them support the treatment of their children. The book lays out the stages of drug use and its rapid progression in young people from experimentation to addiction. It explores parental, as well as societal, denial and enabling.