5 Panel Drug Test Card


Multi-Drug 5 Panel Urine Dipstrip Test (Cocaine/Marijuana/Methamphetamines/Opiates/Ecstasy)

The all-in-one test formula of the Multi-Drug Urine Dip Card allows for no handling of the (urine) specimen. Once the lid is sealed, the test is biohazard safe so all you have to do is merely throw the cup away when you are done. This is truly a hygienic and clean form of drug testing that Is perfect for random drug testing in offices or even at home.

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  • Detects Cocaine, Marijuana, Methamphetamines, Opiates, and Ecstasy
  • Easy-To-Use, FDA Approved & CLIA Waived – Premium Grade Drug Testing Dip Card
  • Clean, Hygienic, Instant & Accurate Results Within 5 Minutes of Testing the Sample
  • Best Value Urine Dip Card Drug Test For 5 Different Illicit Drugs
  • Perfect For Rehab Treatment Centers, Government Agencies, Corporate HR Departments, Schools and Personal Use